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Veritas Academy is a private Christian school providing
 a comprehensive curriculum grounded in classical tradition and Biblical truth.

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Veritas Academy Academics

Education at Veritas Academy is intended to be inherently different in philosophy and content than that offered in the public schools. Veritas Academy offers the Christian homeschooling family a proven method for educating students to become confident and articulate thinkers. From grade 5 to 12, students learn to read perceptively, express themselves well, and grasp the great ideas that have shaped Western civilization.

University Model

Under the assumption that the education of young people is the responsibility of parents, Veritas Academy serves as a supplemental educational experience to homeschooled students. Students attend classes at the Veritas Academy campus two to three days per week depending on the courses taken. They are expected to be completing coursework five days per week, including teacher-directed assignments and exams that may be taken at home. This approach teaches your child time management and study skills that will help them tremendously if they choose to attend college.

Classical Method

The classical method of education is a three-stage approach to instruction with the goal of producing graduates who have mastered the art of learning so that they may skillfully acquire and apply knowledge, reason critically, and articulate persuasively. Sometimes referred to as the Trivium (Latin for “three ways”), this approach consists of the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages, each building upon its predecessor.

The Grammar Stage | Grades 1-4 (Elementary School):

At this early elementary school stage, focus is on learning and memorizing fundamental facts related to the primary disciplines. In addition to acquiring basic reading, writing, and mathematical skills, grammar students should be learning a time-line for history and essential concepts in science. Veritas Academy recommends this stage be accomplished primarily in the home and offers no supplemental classes at this level.

The Dialectic (Logic) Stage | Grades 5-8 (Elementary School & Middle School):

During the middle school years, students learn logic and analysis that trains them to think critically and deeply about subjects. This emphasis dovetails with the natural interest in questioning and understanding that takes place.

The Rhetoric Stage | Grades 9-12 (High School):

The focus during the high school years shifts toward refining rhetorical skills, including both spoken and written communication. These skills prepare students to write college-level theses, utilizing their grasp of proper grammar as well their ability to think logically and critically.

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Veritas Academy, Columbus’s only private classical Christian school that utilizes the university model, provides homeschool families the opportunity to give their children a distinctive education. At Veritas, teachers and parents immerse students grades 5-12 in exceptional and challenging educational experiences that allow them grow in knowledge, character and faith.

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