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VA Online Academy
Student Info System

Veritas Academy is a private Christian school providing
 a comprehensive curriculum grounded in classical tradition and Biblical truth.

Association of Classical & Christian Schools

Video Tutorials for the Veritas Student Information System

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Index of Video Tutorials
Administrator Only Teachers Only Parents Only
Admin Introoduction to SIS Teacher Introduction to SIS Parent Introduction to SIS
Adding a Student & Information Adding Assignments to Gradebooks Viewing Student Gradebooks
Adding Students: Tips to Remember Grades Setup Configuration Viewing Student Information
Creating Subjects, Courses, Periods Assignment Category Weighting Viewing Student Schedules
Scheduling Students for Classes Adding Grades to your Gradebooks Viewing School Info-Calendar
Running Schedule Reports Adding Grades by Assignment  
Printing Progress Reports Anomalous & Progress Reports Parent Start Guide (for printing)
Various Grade Reports Handling Extra Credit Assignments  
Printing Report Cards Exempting Individual Assign Grades  
  OOPS! Fixing Gradebook Mistakes  
  Entering Final Grades
  Gradebook "How To" (for printing)  

Administrator's Introduction to the SIS...

How Administrators can add a Student and Student Information...

Adding Students: Tips to Remember to Prevent Frustration!

Adding Subjects, Courses, and Periods

Scheduling Students for Classes

Running Schedule Reports: Class Lists and Student Schedules

Printing Progress Reports (Administrator)

Various Grade Reports Available (Administrator)

Printing Report Cards (Administrator)

Teacher Introduction to the Veritas SIS

Adding Assignments to the Gradebook for Your Course

Grade/Setup/Configuration Options

Assignment Category Weighting

Adding Student Grades to Your Gradebooks

Using Grades Menu Options for Anomalous Grades & Progress Reports

Adding Grades to Gradebooks for All Students by Assignment

Adding and Grading Extra-Credit Assignments

Exempting an individual student from an assignment grade (i.e. "dropping a grade")

OOPS! Fixing Common Gradebook Mistakes! (Hint: It's easy!)

Entering Final Grades for a Term (Grades that Appear on Report Cards)

Parent Introduction to Veritas SIS

Viewing Student Grades in the SIS Gradebook

Viewing Student Information

Viewing Student Schedules

Viewing School information and Calendar

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